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Dating the year after next 2001 (Gregorian) has as much and as little validity as dating it 5761 (Hebrew) or dating it 128 (Pataphysical.) I think most people honest-to-Gawd believe the Papist date "is" the "real" date because they never stop to think about it.

I suspect, also, that most people do and say most of the things they do and say for exactly the same reason: they never stop to think about it.

Beginning at midnight 30 October1921 -- when Joyce wrote the last words of Ulysses -- this chronolog has six months for the male/solar divinities (Hepheistos, Zeus, Saturn, Hermes, Mars, Phoebus) and six for the female/lunar divinities (Kupris, Juno, Athena, Hestia, Artemis, Demeter.) In this system, these words will appear on 8 Hestia 78 p.s. Sometimes, I use the Discordian calendar, which dates everything from the Original Snub and makes today 1 Bureaucracy 3165 y. As you can plainly see, we have 923 years to go until the next millenium (1001 p.s. 581 Islamic years (or 563 solar years) to 2001 millenium.

Hence Zeus bronnton [Zeus the thunderer], Jupiter, another thunder god; Thor, Donner, whose very name means thunder; etc.... Listen for it and note how bloody often it pops up...... The monotheistic idea implies a cruel and grumpy old electric donut surrounding Earth and ever threatening it.In addition to [email protected] House.gov, we have developed White House Web Mail, an automated e-mail response system.Please access to submit comments on a specific issue.The commmercials are trying to lure me into following research-based ideas rather than faith-based ideas! Worriedly, Robert Wilson Thank you for e-mailing President Bush. Because of the large volume of e-mail received, the President cannot personally respond to each message.However, the White House staff considers and reports citizen ideas and concerns.

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