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For younger Thais and Westerners there are typical Thai-style pubs with house bands banging out raunchier music.

When you lonely we are friend Attached to a few hotels are disco-style night clubs but to be honest I've never had the inclination or been inquisitive enough to take a look.

A lot of middle-class, conservative Thais don't like it but they are not oblivious to the fact that it brings in a huge amount of money.

Hat Yai has a selection of different activities that should suit most tastes.However, some foreign women who visit Thailand like to rent Thai boys.If you are a gay man or straight woman wanting to find some Thai male company you might want to try Top Man Pub or Buddy Men Club.The pavements in the central part of town look good now, and putting the masses of unsightly electricity cables underground was a major improvement.Jiranakorn sports stadium has been refurbished recently and the Hat Yai Plaza area around the famous clock tower is now in the process of getting a serious makeover. All tastes are catered for in Hat Yai The commercial sex scene will always be present but a lot of the sleaze that used to be in Hat Yai has moved out to Dannok.

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