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Well, we made it to the air field construction area and found the dozer we were looking for.

We loaded it and chained it down but instead of leaving right away, Strawman popped open a couple of cold ones and said, let's have a beer.

Strawman spoke up and said, we've been driving thru the pointless forest man.

The first class in charge was madder than a son-of-bitch.

I followed up with, yea we went the way the stone man told us to go but we had to drive really slow so we didn't hit any pointless trees.

I've been to Captain's mast before, he has no sense of humor, whatsoever.

He said f--k ya and proceeded to grab six cold beers and his boom box.

Now remember, we were both pretty well shit faced, like that never happened before.

My_Warstory = I arrived on the Vernon County and my first assignment was offloading cargo ships.While I’m sympathetic to the plight of Asian women who are exotified by awful white men, this new, zeitgeisty application of the term “yellow fever” hasn’t replaced the way it was used in my schoolyard all those years ago: as a catchall term for Asian person.By accusing me of objectifying women based on their race, I felt compelled to do just that.One Sunday, my buddy Bill (Strawman) Haywood and I were drinking heavily, not that we did so all the time mind you, especially with so many other exciting things to do on the rock (ya'll know what I mean don't you?The first class in charge told me to hook up a low boy and go down to the air field and pick up a HD-21 dozer,(yeeha) and deliver it to the maintenance tent, as it was due for a PM the next day.

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