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Looking forward: Is Current record: 3-9Last week: 28 (-2)Did you take time out of your Monday night to laugh at the Jets? I saw enough Colts players crack up in the huddle to drop Gang Green even further in my power rankings. Tight end Dwayne Allen found the end zone not once, not twice, but three damn times. My old coach Jon Gruden said on the telecast that he’s not sure if the quarterback of the future is on this roster.

I’ll take it a step further: Besides Leonard Williams, I’m not sure if the Jets’ Current record: 2-10Last week: 30 ( 1)I applauded Gus Bradley’s decisions to punt with five and two minutes left.

Belichick’s Patriots have outscored Fisher-coached teams 130-17 over the past three games—including a 26-10 contest in Week 13 that wasn’t even that close. A.’s coach did to upset the Patriots patriarch has not paid off.

Especially not in the first half Sunday, where Jared Goff’s group was outgained by over 200 yards.

Grandfather in the Corrente generation for a few more seasons—the guys who call games on a part-time basis before heading back to their law firms or businesses.

And actively recruit former athletes to learn their trade on a full-time basis, with emphasis on physical training and film study.

Blake Bortles (three turnovers) can’t be trusted to lead this team in any positive direction. Looking forward: Will the Jaguars reunite with their greatest all-time coach?

Only in professional football do we routinely put people of retiring age in impossible mental and physical situations. Sam Bradford was 100 percent roughed on the game-deciding two-point try.

Referee Tony Corrente reportedly told him his facemask wasn’t interfered with whatsoever.

Or in the second half, when Le Garrette Blount stomped all over the Rams’ supposedly tough defense. It comes with a side of another subpar Rams season.

Looking forward: Fisher really didn't want another 7-9 season on his hands.

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