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There’s a reason summer camp is heavily featured in nostalgic media: For better or for worse, weeks away at camp are among many adults’ most formative memories.

Whether you fondly remember canoeing around a lake, practicing archery long before made it cool, or creating macaroni jewelry—or you cringe thinking of scribbling homesick letters to your folks—there’s good news: Now, you can relive (or redeem) those memories at a summer camp for adults.

The camp offers programs for various ages and durations of visit.

The majority of attendees visit during the summer, though spring and fall often see many school group visits, parent and child bonding camps, and adult or corporate programs.

These programs include space oriented camp programs, aircraft themed Aviation Challenge camps, and robotics themed programs, which are designed to promote science, engineering, aviation and technology. Space Camp Florida opened in 1988 and shared facilities with the Astronaut Hall of Fame in Titusville, Florida, both of which were operated by the now defunct U. About 50,000 children attended the camp during its run, but in its final year as few as 14 participants filled 276 slots.

For nearly four decades, the founder of magazine has taught the skills necessary to build beautiful, handmade vessels.

These outdoorsy adventures, which have popped up like wildflowers around the country as of late, offer a hybrid of beloved childhood favorites, like talent shows and sing-alongs, and adult-friendly perks like open bars, how-to’s on everything from the adventurous (wakeboarding) to the arcane (terrarium building, anyone? So roll up your sleeping bag (and perhaps pack your flask), and check out these six adult camps for an unforgettable summer experience.

, Camp No Counselors is one of the biggest, best-run adult summer camps out there.

Space Camp is a six day program offered for children between 9 and 11 years old.

The curriculum is designed to balance education and entertainment.

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