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If that description and the popularity of this short online doesn’t help find her funding then I don’t know what will.

OLD TOWN Police are searching for a woman with active warrants who reportedly fled from police.

”, so the film is undoubtedly a conversation starter.

Last we heard, Maine was now searching for funding for a feature length version of , which she describes as containing “lots more jokes and lots more tools she uses to masturbate with, including an old Nokia cellphone that she realises vibrates while she’s at a Catholic youth retreat”.

Described by its creator as “a love story between one woman and her vagina”, it’s a film that may sound crude or controversial when summarised on paper, by when watched, you might be surprised by just how charming and “touching” it is.

As the playful title suggests, the film focuses on a girl conflicted by her natural urge to indulge in a little self love and the message from her Catholic school that “sex with yourself” is “against God’s plan”.

Tackling the subject of masturbation from a female point-of-view, with the hope that “talking about these things, and showing them in film, is what will make them less taboo going forward”, where Maine’s film feels most successful is in just how accessible and relatable is.

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