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Construction began in 1828, however, it was suspended in June 1831 before the building has risen from its foundations.This may have been because the principal architect Harrison had died the previous year and Boffo working alone may not have been an option – his alterations to Harrison's plans for the Governor's residence in Odessa had been unfavourably received.

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Today, the Vorontsov Palace is a part of the "Alupka Palace-Park Complex," a national historical preserve including the Massandra Palace in neighbouring Massandra.Vorontsov had traveled widely in England, and had doubtless seen the newly emerging Jacobean style – a hybrid revival styles based on the English buildings of the late 16th and early 17th centuries, which, in turn, had been influenced by the English Renaissance style which had belatedly evolved from the Italian Renaissance style of a century earlier.Vorontsov decided to review the design in order to incorporate these new trends from Western European architecture.As a result of the expansion of the British Empire, a similar approach was also gaining popularity in Britain.An Anglicised interpretation of Islamic architecture is exemplified by the Brighton Royal Pavilion, completed in 1823, and the Sezincote House, completed a few years earlier.

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