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Every activity you perform in Smeet earns Smeet Fame Points, these points can be spent in a large variety of ways to increase your online presence.You can spend your fame points on a huge array of clothing items and accessories, personalizing your character with your unique, individual personality.Smeet includes a great high score board that lets you check how well you're doing compared to your friends.Smeet features a large selection of mini-games that you can play alone, or with your Smeet friends.In both cases no name, address, email address or telephone number is recorded and technical informationis only used in order to serve goods and services that may be of interest to you.Pixel Warfare is a great 3d multiplayer shooter game.

The pet system includes a number of cool features such as teaching them tricks, and taking care of the pet by feeding and playing with them.

Permanent transcripts and embed, paused rooms, better access controls, and more!

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This massively multiplayer online game has one of the most amazing virtual communities ever.

You can dress up your characters, furnish your house, hang out with people you know, and meet people from all over the world as well.

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